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History in China

1939 Established a joint venture Jinsheng Chamber of Shipping in Shanghai, China.
1941 Established Jinsheng Foreign Firm in Shanghai, a welding material manufacturing company
1943 Established a joint venture Xingya Oxygen Industry with Liquide Air and Iwatani Store in Shanghai.
1973 Hong Kong Iwatani Co., Ltd. was established.
1989 Established a joint venture Dalian Iwatani Gas Machinery Co., Ltd. in Dalian.
1990 Iwatani Corporation(Thailand) Ltd. was established.
1993 Iwatani Corporation(Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd. was established.
1994 Established a joint venture Shanghai Petrochem-Iwatani Gases Development Co., Ltd.
1995 Shanghai Iwatani Co., Ltd. was established.
1996 PT. Iwatani Industrial Gas Indonesia was established.
Dalian Iwatani Co., Ltd. was established.
Guangzhou Iwatani Co., Ltd. was established.
1997 Iwatani Corporation(Korea) Ltd. was Established.
1998 Established Iwatani (China) Co., Ltd. for providing guidance and support to the group companies (25) in China to achieve unified management of joint ventures (opening on October 19).
Iwatani Nox Gas Pte. Ltd. was Established.
2004 Established Jiaxing Iwatani Industrial Gases Co., Ltd. for providing industrial gas to Japanese enterprises in Eastern China.
2006 Held the opening ceremony of the air separation unit of Jiaxing Iwatani Industrial Gases Co., Ltd. and Dalian Iwatani Sino-Japanese welding technology exchange meeting and the 10th Anniversary Conference of the Welding Seminar
2007 Hanoi representative office was established.
2009 Iwatani Industrial Gas(Malaysia) RG Sdn.Bhd. was established.
2010 Wuhan Iwatani Commercial Trade Co.,Ltd. was established.
The Company became the first Japanese company to gain the rights to directly import helium from Qatar.
2011 Iwatani India Pvt. Ltd. was established.
Middle East Representative Office was established.
2012 Iwatani - SIG Industrial Gases Sdn.Bhd. was established.
Jiaxing Iwatani Industrial Gases Co., Ltd. was established.
2013 Iwatani-SIG Industrial Gases Sdn.Bhd.was established.