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Related with functional resin
From general-purpose resins that are close to life to high-performance resins in the cutting-edge field, the company has timely introduced resin raw materials and products that can meet the needs of a wide range of customers through the network at home and abroad. In addition, due to the improvement of environmental awareness, the company is working to cope with circulating society, particularly to highly recyclable PET resins. The objective of the company is to contribute to the global environment by establishing a supply chain from upstream to downstream, developing and expanding PET resins with characteristics such as biomass derivatization and gas barrier types.
Raw material of resin
Raw material of resin
● Raw material for general-purpose resins
● Engineering plastics PET,PA,PC,POM,PMMA,etc.
● Master batch Coloring, flame retardant,
  anti-static, etc.
Raw material of resin
● Raw materials for low environmental load resin
  Low environmental load PET resin Biodegradable
  resin Regeneration resin (PP, PE, PET, ABS)
● High-purity terephthalic acid (PTA)
● High-purity isophthalic acid (PIA)
Functional film
Functional film
● General-purpose film OPP,CPP,PA,PET,PI,etc.
● Functional film VM-OPP,VM-CPP,VM-PET BOPE,
  various coated films, etc. 
Functional film
● Resin product Vacuum plastic molding tray
  Standing bag for daily chemical and food PTP
  packaging materials for pharmaceuticals, etc. 
Low environmental load PET resin

Low environmental load PET resin

Aluminum-catalyzed PET resin

New materials to promote PET recycling
Iwatani began selling aluminum-catalyzed PET with good recycling characteristics in the Japanese market in 2016. Indorama Ventures PCL, the world's largest PET resin manufacturer, introduced aluminum-catalyzed PET resin polymerization technology (licensed) from Toyobo Corporation and started production.
■Commodity features
Excellent reusability (high IV retention rate, low color tone change)
Since aluminum-catalyzed PET has high thermal stability during melting, it is less likely to undergo changes in color tone and physical properties caused by heat treatment during recycling, and it is considered to be a material suitable for promoting recycling.
In the experiment of nitrogen replacement and heat treatment at 300 ° C × 2 h, it is found that aluminum-catalyzed PET has almost no heat degradation and can maintain transparency.
Conventional PET products are mainly used for sheets and fiber, and the number of recyclables is also limited due to thermal degradation.
In contrast, aluminum-catalyzed PET is suitable for bottle recycling of cool drinks because of high thermal stability and transparency, and can realize the direct reuse of the bottle to the bottle. In addition, even if it is reused repeatedly, it is not easy to undergo thermal degradation, so it can be reused more times than previous products and it can promote the effective utilization of resources.
Environmental adaptability
Aluminum is one of the materials that have less impact on the environment. With the increasing attention to environmental problems, the sustainable supply of raw materials is realized by using aluminum catalysts with little load on the environment and human body.
Reduce contamination of the mold and production line by reducing the low polymer
Aluminum catalysts do not produce low polymers during melt, which can not only improve the transparency of the molded product, but also reduce the adhesion of the low polymer on the production line. Improve production efficiency by reducing the cleaning frequency of the production line.
Comparison of mold fouling after molding of 9,500 PET bottles
Use aluminum-catalyzed PET
(less low polymer attached on the mold)
Use other PET catalysts
(fouling produced by low polymer attached on the mold)

Biomass PET resin

By using biomass MEG purified from bagasse as raw material, about 30% of the PET resin consists of plant source.
In the process from the manufacture of biomass MEG to product treatment, it can reduce the overall greenhouse gas by about 20% compared with PET from petrochemical.


Examples for usage

Beverage bottle

Cosmetic container

Soft film


■Commodity features
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 20%
To promote the expansion of sales of sustainable raw material, Iwatani has conducted investigation based on the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) that quantitatively evaluates the impact on the ecosystem and the environment from the beginning of the development stage. In 2011, DNP, Tokyo City University and the company jointly studied and surveyed, compared with petrochemical derivative PET manufactured from biomass MEG / biomass PET to product treatment, and found that the greenhouse gas could be reduced by about 20% (1.3 kg per kg of product).



In terms of processing
The company will directly cooperate with steel manufacturers from all over the world, and work closely with the metal processing base of the Iwatani Group in East China and South China and unique partner manufacturers to meet the needs of users in automobiles, batteries, electronic equipment, and high-precision and high-performance in mobile industries.

Suzhou Iwatani Metal Products Co., Ltd.

Precisely calendered metal, functional film, Precision cutting of composite materials

Suzhou Iwatani Metal Products Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Iwatani Co., Ltd.

Precision slit processing of precisely rolled metal, Processing of line coating products

Zhongshan Iwatani Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Kasatani Co., Ltd.

Precision metal mainly used in vehicle electronic components, Stamping processing, resin embedding, assembly processing

Zhongshan Kasatani Co., Ltd.

Related with metal
With stainless steel, aluminum, high-alloy, and processed products as business pillars, it utilizes domestic and foreign production and distribution bases to provide materials and products required by customers. The company can accurately understand the needs of the times, make full use of the information provided by the sales base centered in Asia, and realize the specific business in a short time, which is the company's advantage. In addition, the company is also actively committed to product development in production bases in China and Thailand, to expand the market share of the niche market. In the future, the company will continue to cherish the deep relationship with our customers and challenge all areas.
Stainless steel material
Stainless steel material
Stainless steel coil, flange and hose
Embedded(low thermal expansion)
Inconnell(heat-resistant alloy)
Hastelloy(corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant alloy)
Aluminum materials
Aluminum materials
Aluminum materials
Aluminum coil and foil
Aluminum foil (food, battery, electronics, air conditioning)
Coating material (copper / aluminum / copper, etc.)
Ultra-high purity aluminum
(ingot, slab, billet, steel wire, etc.)
Metal Processing products
Metal Processing products
Metal Processing products
Metal Processing products
Metal Processing products
Grid frame for refrigerator
Dishwasher basket
Cleaning and handling engineering basket
Fixture for heat treatment
Coated copper tube
Processing products
Processing products
Processing products
Brass cutting products, piston boots
Small precision gear, reducer
Various accessories for air conditioners
(ELCB, cans, control panels, sensors, etc.)
Inner pot of IH rice cooker, etc.
Automobile undertaking
In addition, the company also provides a wide range of supply to the stainless steel, aluminum, copper alloy and electroplating materials used in the electricity system (wire harness, on-board connector terminals) of new energy automobiles with potential in the future. It can also supply bus bars and insert molded products through the processing base of the company.
Automobile undertaking
Automotive materials
Automotive materials
High-function stainless steel (non-magnetic stainless steel, precision stainless steel)
Copper-plated alloy (tin, gold, silver, nickel)
High-function copper alloy (beryllium copper, titanium copper, phosphor bronze, brass, etc.)
Titanium alloy, various nonferrous metals (copper, aluminum, nickel, etc.)
Electromagnetic steel plate, porous copper heat sink
Raw material for synthetic resin, ferrite core, etc.
Resources, new materials related
As a cooperative enterprise of large manufacturers related to resources and new materials, it operates a wide range of raw materials, including various inorganic chemical raw materials such as rare earth, cesium and rubidium, ceramic molding products and refractory materials. With long-term experience and overseas networks, it grasps the changes and market needs of the environment in time, and strives to achieve the most suitable procurement and stable supply of raw materials. In addition, the company has its own laboratory. The company is working with research institutions and companies to develop new materials that meet the needs of the world, such as nano material development.
Inorganic chemical raw materials
Rare earth compound
Zirconium and hafnium compound
Tungsten and molybdenum compound
Cesium, rubidium and lithium compound
Tantalum and niobium compound
Strontium compound
Molecular sieve
Nano material
Nickel nanoparticles
Barium titanate nanoparticles
Nano iron oxide
Ceramic molded product
Honeycomb ceramic, ceramic ball catalytic carrier
Kaolin, argillaceous shale, silicon carbide, fused alumina, synthetic mullite, graphite electrode
Functional coating
heat resistant coating and thermal insulation coating
In terms of battery undertaking
The company cooperates with large manufacturers to supply cobalt, lithium, manganese, nickel and composition materials as raw materials of secondary batteries. In addition, it also sells all-solid batteries, fuel batteries, liquid flow batteries and other materials that have attracted much attention as the next generation battery undertaking.
Raw materials of battery
Lithium ion battery material (cobalt, lithium, manganese, nickel compound)
Raw materials of all-solid battery (sulfide series, oxide series)
Electrolyte additive Metal silicon for negative electrode material
Lithium ion battery component
Precursor, phosphate ferrite Materials of diaphragm, positive and negative electrode tab, etc.
Fuel battery component
Baffle (metal, carbon) MEA, GDL (gas diffusion layer), electrolyte membrane Washer, hose, catalyst precious metal, etc.
Related with electronic raw material
The functional materials provided by the company are used in various products in the world, such as advanced display equipment, peripheral machines and key secondary batteries for low-carbon society. It makes full use of the manufacturing and processing functions expanded to the world centered on China and Asia, gives new value to metals, resins and ceramics, and supports the technological innovation of electronics from materials. In addition, it not only has the function of business, but also provides appropriate solutions in the manufacturing and processing fields such as the development of functional materials, film processing and metal processing.
Semiconducting material
Semiconducting material
Metal materials for various targets
(rare earth, calcium, magnesium, etc.)
High-purity raw materials for SAW filter
(lithium, tantalum, niobium, etc.)
Semiconducting material
Polycrystalline silicon
Silicon wafer
Wafer container
Semiconducting material
High-temperature refractory for ceramic
Semiconducting material
Boron nitride powder for heat dissipation
Electronic material
Electronic material
Electrode sheet (EDLC、LIC、LIB) Release film Liquid crystal polymer Electrolytic copper foil, etc.
Cleaner, sub-material
Cleaner, sub-material
Hydrocarbon cleaner Clean PE bag, gloves Moisture-proof · conductive bag, etc.
Display undertaking
The company manufactures and sells high-function films for displays for smart-phones, television, automobiles, etc. In addition, it develops display products according to customer requirements. In addition, it provides slurry, vapor deposition material, special metal frame, and the like used in the organic EL manufacturing process.
Own brand
Own brand
Format AB tape
special double-sided tape
OLED film Insulation
heat dissipation foam
Display related components
Conductive slurry, conductive particles, LCD space ball Various films, various metal foils VaporChamber (cooling components) materials
High- impact absorbing foam
High- impact absorbing material
Organic EL vapor deposition material, protective film Vapor deposition rack