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Industrial gas & energy
Iwatani Industry (Co., Ltd.) first introduces liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) into Japan as green energy, and then brings cutting-edge technology and equipment from Japan into China to provide customers with low-carbon and environment-friendly energy stably, provides security with its unique security system and actively puts forward comprehensive energy supply solutions for customers including LNG.
It operates general industrial machinery that meets customer needs, such as machine tools, forging machinery, cutting machines, electronic component production equipment, precision cleaning equipment, and factory power equipment as general processing machinery.
The company is committed to preventing undertakings from generating environmental and public hazards, starting from the incineration device for waste oil produced in 1967. From devices to prevent air pollution and water pollution, waste treatment devices, measurement of various pollutants, to equipment maintenance and management, it is developing in the direction of comprehensive prevention of public hazards and environmental protection.
Synthetic resin - various types of resin sheets Metal materials - metal materials, stainless steel parts, cleaning agents, etc.
Ceramic raw materials - nonferrous metals, chemical inorganic substances, molded products, etc. Various products made in Japan, foreign countries and China
Natural Water
It has established its own factory in a place with an altitude of about 950m to draw up the water honed by Mount Fuji for decades from a deep well 200m underground.